We are experts at providing birthday party entertainment options with improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners and developed this site to help our clients to get the most out of their special events.

This page, in particular, was created to follow-up from our main site with information about our entertainment options. After all, if our clients come to this site we want to make sure that they have the information that they need in making their planning decisions.

Below are a variety of choices that can be made, but w have other selections as well, so you should always contact us about what we can do for your group.

Look below for links to different types of entertainment options.

Improv Comedy

A Night of Laughter

A staple of entertainment options, THEY improv provides up to 90 minutes of comedy made up on the spot with your people directly involved in the show.

This Is Your Life

Dinners Designed to Entertain

Using real or imagined things from the birthday boy or girl's past, we provide characters to bring out the details of their life while promoting a comedic agenda or can help friends to roast one another.

Game Shows

Entertainment Through Competition

Getting friends to compete with one another while celebrating a special day. This can take on many forms including Minute-To-Win-It, The Feud, The Newlymet Game, The Match, the Mini-Olympiad, the Audience Olympiad, the Photo Array, Birthday Idol and many other options.

Murder Mysteries

Laughing While One Year Closer to Death

We have a variety of approaches to the genre including variants using your people in the show, using professional actors, comedy routines and ambushes where you play a prank on the partygoers.